Saturday, 29 December 2007

Book Swap #1 - Flurrsprite

Another book from our first book swap! This one is by Maiko of Flurrsprite's Nook. This is a well-travelled book. It began in the USA, where the paper was cut in Pennsylvania, then the book was bound in Missouri. After that, it was shipped to Canada where it stayed for a couple weeks, and then it was shipped again to be with its new owner in Australia!

Concerning its construction, Maiko describes it thus: the signatures were sewn out of cardstock using the kettle stitch method, then layered with some cheesecloth-like material, and placed onto the binder's board cover. Gray bookcloth and mint with white polka dot lokta paper were used on the outside cover, and the inside was lined with rainbow leaf cardstock.

Check out Maiko's other books in her Etsy shop:

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Saturday, 22 December 2007

Book Swap #1 - MyHandboundBooks

This book was submitted to the book swap by Rhonda of MyHandboundBooks in Canada, eh. This book has a cover of soft deerskin that is lined on the inside with handmade paper.

This book is made using a Crossed Structure Binding technique, called the CSB Basic. The cover leather starts as a single piece of leather, but it is cut apart to create strips for sewing. The signatures are sewn onto the strips that are part of the back cover. After sewing, the front cover is attached by crossing all the strips on the spine and weaving the back cover strips into the front cover, and the front cover strips in the back cover.

Check out for more of Rhonda's work.

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Thursday, 20 December 2007

Book Swap #1 - Jellygnite

As promised, each of the books submitted to the book swap will be featured here on the blog so this is the first one. This book was made by Ali of in Australia.

Ali included a little note with her book with this description: this book is made with an accordion binding and stitched signatures. The cover is mat board with a fabric-covered spine. The paper on the cover is from an old Australian encyclopedia showing our unique animals - a little bit of Australia finding its way around the world!

Visit to see more of Ali's work.

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Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Three Featured Members

Three B.E.S.T. Members have been featured on the WHAT Media blog in a post about getting your new journal for the upcoming year. It is, of course, a good time to start fresh with a gorgeous new journal.
Recycled Notebooks
Wooden Journal
Leather Journal

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Book Swap #1 - Photo Gallery

Thanks to everyone who participated in our first book swap. It was lots of fun and there were 8 fabulous books submitted - from three different countries! I mixed up the books and sent them back out last week; participants can start watching the mail for a package. More details and photos of each book will be posted here over the next few weeks so stay tuned for a closer look.

The next swap is planned for the end of February so there is lots of time to prepare if you want to play next time. All BEST members are welcome to participate. Check the swap guidelines for more information about how it works.