Sunday, 1 July 2007

Welcome to the BEST Blog!

Hello, and welcome to our blog :) To get a better idea of what our team is all about, please take a look at a brief profile of BEST:

Name: Bookbinding Etsy Street Team
Region: Global
Profile: Our goal is to unite bookbinding lovers, to share our skills, learn from each other, discuss techniques, designs, business ideas, to promote the art of hand bookbinding, our team, our shops, and Etsy.

We welcome any Etsy members who appreciate bookbinding, whether you buy or sell. The only requirement we have of members is for sellers to donate a $10 minimum every six months in any medium to our team shop (with a one time $1 start up fee), which we will use to raise funds for group events, etc. The team shop will also be used as a method of advertising, to showcase the breadth of our work.

Our street team’s importance to Etsy can be summed up with this quote:
"A room without books is like a body without a soul." - Cicero

flurrsprite (Team Leader & Blog)
ladyartisan (Co-Team Leader & Shop)
myhandboundbooks (Co-Team Leader, Membership & Book Swaps)
merritt (Advertising & PR)
lostmymarbles (Events & Contests)
thisisbexx (Team Treasuries)
kupokiley (Business Card Swaps)
kristincrane (Secretary)


Events: We will have a trimonthly book swap, themed contests with prizes for a voter and member, team treasuries, shared tutorials by members, shop hops, treasure hunts, monthly sales, and more!

Thank you for your interest!