Saturday, 20 October 2007

Bookbinding Glossaries

I hate it when I can't remember the name of that it the flyleaf? or was that the colophon? or doublure? Sometimes it's nice to be able to just look it up...

Etherington & Roberts Bookbinding Dictionary (this one is interactive)

AboutBookbinding Glossary of Technical Terms and Implements

Wilsey Rare Books Glossary

Markey Bindery Glossary

Univerisity of Florida Libraries Glossary of Binding Terms

Inland Graphics Bookbinding Terms

Hollanders Glossary of Terms

French-English Bookbinding Terminology Project (CBBAG)


Rhonda said...

Did I miss some other good ones?

Ali said...

great work Rhonda!
What a great resource, thanks for putting it together!