Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Etsy Labs Visit

This other day I visited NYC and stopped by the Etsy Labs for an hour!

I made an Etsy book to present to them from BEST:

Off I go!

Door to the building in Brooklyn (So glad that little sign was there! Otherwise I would've been lost!)

At the top of the stairs

Look familiar?

They wrote cute little signs on the elevator -- which I was nervous about riding so I walked up the six floors to the Labs ;)

Presentation includes: card made from recycled book leaf, Etsy book, and poster print from samples of BEST books

The main workshop area! The Labs consisted of a hallway with a few individual offices, the main workshop, a room for Storque, a computer lab area, a screen printing room, a storage room, a kitchen, and the main lobby area... a lot bigger than I had imagined!

Cozy little corner with comfy couches and lots of fun reading material!

Got some stickers and buttons from them, and cut out recycled paper for future stickers and buttons. They told me to make myself at home but I hadn't really planned on crafting so I just grabbed paper from their little bin and chopped away haha!

The inside of the card

With the Etsy gals! Hurray for the Etsy Labs!


Kristin said...

that's awesome! inspiring.

ok, etsy labs has been added to my list of places to go. this one should be a lot easier than some of the other places on my list, like, say ... machu picchu.

thanks, maiko!

~Stella said...

Great photos! I would love to visit them someday! Thanks for bringing the book and representing our Street Team, that was an awesome idea!!


Rhonda said...

Cool, Maiko! Thanks for taking the time to do this - making the book and the poster, and then documenting it for us, awesome!! Yay BEST :-)

Mary said...

Aw we just loved you coming to visit and meet you! Thanks so much for representing your team and the lovely book! We have it on display right now in the Labs!

Thanks again and come back soon,


moonlightbindery said...

Wish I lived closer to Brooklyn. Looks like a ton of fun. Thanks for getting the team out there!

Kiley said...

Love the book and the great picture of the lab, I have envy!

Kerry said...

This is great Maiko! Thanks for posting about it.