Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Preparing for holidays

BEST members respond to:
"How do the holidays affect your work?"

LostMyMarbles says...
For my books and notebooks, I concentrate on packaging. I want my books and notebooks to make a delightful gift for someone. I always offer (or just include) a box. I usually use clear acrylic boxes and I tie them with a simple printed fabric ribbon. I also like to include some verbiage about how the item was made and some history about the technique. I have found that handbound books and Moleskine notebooks are often gifts to writers, artists, readers and thinkers. Including information about the item makes it an interesting gift. For my other paper products, I concentrate on making holiday-themed things. I marble sheets of paper in shades of green or shades of blue and then overprint them with holiday-themed sayings. I also make gift tags in holiday colours. I don't necessarily make more stuff. I just try to focus on holiday themes with the new things that I make.

MyHandboundBooks says...
So far it seems that the holidays bring custom orders, more than anything else. Throughout October and November I will get too many requests for custom books... Besides that, the holidays determine what I make since I start working on gifts for my own friends and family besides the items I am trying to sell. So I am likely to make duplicates to sell when I'm working on the original gift. And I'll start using red and green tissue paper in my packages too, so my customers will always feel like they just got a little present in the mail!

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