Monday, 5 November 2007

BEST Online Sources for Paper

Paper Studio
A wide range and great selection of decorative papers, stationery papers, and fine art papers, including lots of Japanese papers, handmade papers, origami paper, marbled papers, and some variety packs. Paper-related resources and demo videos also available online.
Recommended by DevilsParadise

They carry lots of Japanese papers and other decorative flat papers. Also lots of marbled paper, metallic paper, paste papers, lokta papers, Indian papers, and so on! Lots of bookbinding supplies including book board and text blocks!
Recommended by Lostmymarbles and KristinCrane

Big selection of decorative papers including marbled paper, silkscreen prints, Japanese papers, handmade papers, embossed papers, Unryu papers, other commercial decorative papers, as well as a good selection of art, conservation, and printing papers.
Recommended by Lostmymarbles

RISD Store
If you are in the area, the Rhode Island School of Design store has some papers for bookbinding although they can't be purchased online.
Recommended by KristinCrane

NY Central Art Supply
These folks claim to have the “most extensive assortment of papers anywhere in the world” so it must be good and they clearly have everything, but they aren’t really set up for online shoppers yet unless you just want to trudge though the online catalogue and call them.
Recommended by KristinCrane and Jengsshop

Dolphin Papers
Paper samplers are available for their various product lines. The website is not set up for online shopping but if you know what kinds of papers you want and don’t mind ordering over the telephone then their prices and customer service are excellent.
Recommended by TheCraftyKitten

Utrecht Art Supplies
They have just a small bookbinding section, but a good selection of fine art papers, printmaking papers, craft papers, and pastel papers.
Recommended by Jengsshop

A small selection of hand marbled papers and some paste papers by featured paper artists.
Recommended by Myhandboundbooks

A large selection of art papers and decorative papers from around the world. Small swatches of the papers can be purchased individually. Lots of handmade papers, banana paper, Japanese washi, screenprinted papers, as well as some Somerset book papers, and some recycled papers.
Recommended by Myhandboundbooks

Creative Papers Online
Extensive selection of papers, claiming to be the "largest handmade paper merchant online - since 2002." They have batik papers, block print papers, marbled paper, embroidered papers, Japanese papers of all kinds, recycled organic papers, tree free papers, a big card stock selection, and lots of other decorative papers from around the world and some that are exclusive to this shop. You can contact them about buying wholesale to get a good discount on all your paper.
Recommended by LadyArtisan

Artistic Papers
This shop specializes in Amate paper (bark paper) and has a great selection of colours and textures and different amate papers with various fiber inclusions.
Recommended by LadyArtisan

Jerry's Artarama
A great selection of art papers including watercolour paper, pastel papers, printmaking papers etc, from Arches, Fabriano, Canson, Strathmore and others. Watch for sales as they are likely to offer really good discount pricing.
Recommended by LadyArtisan

Aiko's Art Materials
Specializes in Japanese washi, every type that you can imagine. Japanese papers and bookcloth can be ordered online.
Recommended by RePaper

Ichiyo Art Center / Washi Accents
Specializes in Japanese washi, lots of yuzen chiyogami as well as Nepali and Thai papers and calligraphy papers, origami paper, and some nice Noh Chiyo papers.
Recommended by RePaper

Paper mojo
An extensive collection of decorative papers including Japanese Chiyogami, marbled paper, Batik paper, and many classic and modern printed designs. Also a big selection of handmade papers, different fiber inclusion papers, metallics, and embossed papers.
Recommended by RePaper

Hiromi Paper
An extensive selection of decorative papers, art papers, stationery papers, conservation papers, handmade papers, and papers from around the world.

Anther wide selection of art paper and decorative papers, including Ann Muir marbled papers and marbled papers from Spain, France, and England. Lots of other quality printed and handmade papers from around the world.


~Stella said...

Excellent, excellent list, Rhonda! Thanks for compiling this!


Devil's Paradise said...

This is really an amazing resource! Thanks so much for putting it together!

The Pairabirds said...

Good list! I was having the hardest time trying to find sources for bookbinding materials.

Kristin said...

awesome! just made my first hollander's order. that site made me drool. suddenly i'm wanting to go to ann arbor.