Monday, 12 November 2007

Ten Minute Marketing for Etsy Sellers

This is the holiday shopping has begun. Etsy and some partner organizations have launched the Buy Handmade initiative to encourage people to do their holiday shopping outside the big box shops. So that means, everyone should buy handmade stuff (i.e. books) from us. If you think this is a good idea, then Etsy wants you to take the pledge, and share it with others.
I pledge to buy handmade this
holiday season, and request that
others do the same for me.

I Took The Handmade Pledge!

Etsy also want to help us help ourselves by offering some easy marketing suggestions. They have outlined a ten minute marketing effort for Etsy sellers to try each day of the week. You can find their full descriptions of the daily marketing ideas on the Etsy Teams website. This is a summary of their ideas for you to try this week.
  • Monday: Add your Etsy shop URL to your email signatures

  • Tuesday: Add an Etsy Mini to your website or blog

  • Wednesday: Spam your friends and coworkers with an email about the buyhandmade pledge, links to etsy, etc.

  • Thursday: Print some of the postcards or other promotional graphics and distribute them to your friends, leave them in the break room, etc.

  • Friday: Tell a stranger about Etsy while you're waiting at the bus stop or buying your morning coffee.

Easy peasy. Have fun with it.


Kiley said...

I took the pledge awhile back and I updated my shop and blog banner with the one of the templates they provided, it looks pretty sharp!

Rhonda said...

Good idea kiley - your banner looks great!