Thursday, 20 December 2007

Book Swap #1 - Jellygnite

As promised, each of the books submitted to the book swap will be featured here on the blog so this is the first one. This book was made by Ali of in Australia.

Ali included a little note with her book with this description: this book is made with an accordion binding and stitched signatures. The cover is mat board with a fabric-covered spine. The paper on the cover is from an old Australian encyclopedia showing our unique animals - a little bit of Australia finding its way around the world!

Visit to see more of Ali's work.

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Rhonda said...

This little bit of Australia now lives in Canada, whoop! Thanks Ali, it is a fantastic book and I'm thrilled to have it in my collection now :-)

bookyeti said...

What a neat book! Lovely! :)

Kristin said...

that's awesome! i love it.

maiko said...

yay, love the cute lil aminals! :D

Ali said...

thanks everyone! Glad it's found a home on the other side of the globe! :)