Saturday, 22 December 2007

Book Swap #1 - MyHandboundBooks

This book was submitted to the book swap by Rhonda of MyHandboundBooks in Canada, eh. This book has a cover of soft deerskin that is lined on the inside with handmade paper.

This book is made using a Crossed Structure Binding technique, called the CSB Basic. The cover leather starts as a single piece of leather, but it is cut apart to create strips for sewing. The signatures are sewn onto the strips that are part of the back cover. After sewing, the front cover is attached by crossing all the strips on the spine and weaving the back cover strips into the front cover, and the front cover strips in the back cover.

Check out for more of Rhonda's work.

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Kristin said...

this fabulous book now resides in providence, ri. i love it! i hearted rhonda's shop before i was even selling on etsy, so i was super excited when i opened the package. it's really stunning, thanks!

book swaps rock. a surprise book in the mail, what could be better???

Rhonda said...

you're welcome :-)

i agree, book swaps are soooo much fun. can't wait for the next one =D

Ali said...

Oh what a gorgeous book!

I can't wait for the next swap either - I loved getting my little suprise in the mail!!