Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Why Buy Handbound Books?

This question was recently posed to me, and I thought it might be nice to share some answers from fellow BEST members about why they think everyone should buy handbound books!

DevilsParadise says...
When you buy a handmade book, you’re not only getting a finished product, you also receive the binder’s attention to detail, craftsmanship, artistry and perspective.

When you hold a handbound book you know that a machine did not produce it but that a real person put something of themselves into the finished product. Handbound books are evolutionary. The first step begins with the binder crafting something unique but the real magic starts when someone uses the book, because books are incomplete until someone is writing or drawing in them. All books, especially handmade books, are open doors to creativity and imagination.

LostMyMarbles says...
Recently, I have had a huge change of heart about buying handbound books. I LOVE handbound books. I just crave them...I love shopping for them. I research the book section of Etsy very carefully and purchase them discriminately. And I used to think that lovingly crafted handbound books should be saved and used to write "the good stuff". You know...the most precious prose, the most exact wording and the most inspiring journaling.
But, belonging to the BEST Books street team has really changed my attitude about all of that. Now that I am getting to know different people on the team, I want to own their books. Simply because *they* made them. Owning a handbound books is like having a friend with you.

And now that I am destined to own more handbound books, I need to find a way to fill them. Certainly, I have been known to craft some delightful prose or to write a perfect sentence or perhaps a lovely essay. Occasionally. But those bursts of effort are, unfortunately, few and far between because my life is mostly taken up with "drive carpool", " grocery shop", "write dry school papers" and the like. So I have decided that I will use delightful and beautiful handbound books to hold my to-do lists and details about the everyday, mundane life that is the grind of the 30-ish parent of 3.
It's boring. The item most often appearing on my to-do list is "buy wrinkle cream" (and believe me, I go through a lot of that stuff). Yes, there are moments of genius. But there are also lists and tasks and responsibilities which need my attention. And if I have a beautiful handbound book in which to write all this stuff, the mundane as well as the amazing, then the task is elevated. I feel satisfied holding a beautiful book in my hand. And my wrinkles thank me.

(Look! Christmas colors!)

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