Monday, 14 January 2008

Book Swap #1 - KupoKiley

This yummy chocolate book was submitted to the book swap by Kiley, KupoKiley. This was the first case-bound book that Kiley ever made on her own after taking a bookbinding class and the first book she ever listed on Etsy.

Kiley says, "I loved the purple/pinky book cloth and the chocolate paper was just too whimsy for me not to use with it. I originally bought the paper to make a gift for my sister-in-law but didn't get the book finished in time. So it became the first book I listed on Etsy. When the Etsy listing expired, it had over 2000 views and hundreds of hearts. I decided not to renew it and enter it into the book swap hoping that its crazy book cloth and paper would put a smile on someone's face."

Visit Kiley's shop to see her other work:

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Nate's Wife said...

Hey bookies! I am hoping some of you will drop me a line with a link to your shop. I am a member of this group who doesn't make books, but really wants to. Anyhow, I just started a new blog today, and I'd like to feature some of the awesome bookbinders from this team in my blog over the coming months! blog: my email:

thanks everyone!