Sunday, 17 February 2008

Books Sold for Charity

Thank you to the sellers who donated these books and to the buyers who bought them!

This serene beauty from Susan at artkitten is sure to inspire the writer or artist in you.

The next book is a sketchbook with a repurposed vintage-style cover. It is handbound using a coptic stitch by Ashli of PenguinLove.

This world map travel journal from Kristin at kristincrane is a fitting donation for an internationally focused charity.

This lined journal is covered with hand-marbled paper by Stella at PaintFloats.

You can relive a childhood in the '70's with this shrinky-dink journal from Katie at moonlightbindery.

And everyone loves these little moo card albums from Laura at yellowcraftychick.

This delightful pink suede journal is from Rhonda at MyHandboundBooks.

This coptic bound, green leafy journal was made by Jen, of PaperLion.

A lovely journal/sketchbook with a cherry blossom motif in light blue with brown accents from Leslie at Lolaluv.

And a modern-looking stunner with reworked elements and hand-drawn lines by eb of matchboxbook.

Here is a soft leather journal inspired by Emily Dickenson. Made by Beverly at lapaperie

This is an amazing Korean Banana Bark Journal from Barbara at moonbindery .

Yay for recycling! Check out these handmade notebooks from Emily at subu.

Set of three glass magnets backed with paper recycled from an old French language book, by BooksbyBexx.

Bright, handpainted flowers adorn a library card placed in the inside pocket of this Reading Garden Journal from Cindy at UsefulBooks.

Have your morning coffee with a coffee tome by Meredeth at yatsu.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008

We want to help!

Our first charity event will be underway soon.
BEST's artisans will be donating books to be sold for this event. The event lasts 9 weeks and will benefit a charity that fits the following criteria:

  1. The charity promotes literacy (of both children and adults) in some way
  2. The charity does international work (because we are an international bookbinding group)
  3. The charity is able to accept donations via PayPal or PayPal via a third party group (such as Network For Good)

We will run 4-5 such events per year. A new charity will be chosen each time.

The charity for the current event is H.E.L.P International. You can find them online at:

Check back here for updates, and find out how you can further the cause of global literacy.

Any team members that would like to be more involved or just have general questions, please contact Stella by convo through her Etsy shop.

Monday, 11 February 2008

Some Nlitened Promos

Every Thursday there is a Blog Talk Radio show called Nlitened Health, with hostess, The Lyte. One of the many topics she covers each week is a bit about paper products and the value of handmade books and she has featured a couple of BEST members.

In January she featured MyHandboundBooks on three shows. During the month of February, The Ltye will be featuring Subu's work. Subu was featured on last week's show (Feb 7th), and will be again each Thursday this month.

Her show and the archives to past shows can be found here:

So if you're interested in listening to the previous shows, here is a list of the show dates, followed by an approximate time stamp when she begins her bit about paper and books.

Jan 3rd - 37 min
Jan 10th - 42 min
Jan 17th - 32 min
Feb 7th - 52 min

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Nobody Wants To Go To Tax Jail!

from Sarah, of SpaceDog Studios

This is a post giving all of BEST an assignment. Yep, an assignment.

Step one: find a box (a shoe box, a photo box, a cereal box, whatever)
Step two: label it RECEIPTS
Step three: put things in it

I'm serious. Just do it, you'll thank me later.

Last night we finished our taxes. I say "we," but really my husband was the one typing numbers into Turbo Tax. Up until last year, my art has been a serious thing for me, but financially not much more than a hobby. Last year, though I made over 2,000 dollars just on Etsy.

This is by no means a fortune, but is enough to affect our tax return since I ended up claiming my income and none of my expenses. I didn't save any receipts or records, or really anything helpful. I know this is Business 101, but I just didn't do it. To be honest I didn't expect to make any income of consequence, and also I just didn't see the importance of keeping these things, until last night.

I really hate "living and learning."

So this year I'm starting off with a labeled box. A small step, I know. But I believe in baby steps. I'll be the first to admit that I know absolutely nothing about taxes or finances . . . frankly numbers scare me, and I don't want to go to jail.

Really, I'm afraid of tax jail.

This year however, I'm determined to take myself and my work more seriously. And that means doing the paperwork. Or at the very least, making a box for the paper work.

In case anyone else is inspired to get their act together, this book on Amazon, and this list of links on Etsy are also helpful.