Monday, 31 March 2008

Book Swap #2 - BlueValentinePress

Beth, of submitted this book for our book swap. It features a unique mini collage on the front cover. The collage includes a gocco print, some reclaimed text and other torn papers that have holes made using a Japanese hole punch. The lovely pocket-sized book is bound with an exposed chain stitch sewing.

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lapaperie&cozy said...

That's lovely. :)

meredeth said...

hey hey! i got that book! and i've already used it, too. what kind of paper is that, by the way? because it rocks.

Blue Valentine Press said...

I'm glad you like it and are using it! I think you mean the inside pages paper and that's Mohawk Super Fine Smooth -it does rock, takes ink, pencil, and glue like a champ!

Lady Artisan said...

This is beautiful! I love collage pieces and earth tones--great combination.