Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Book Swap #2 - LaPaperie

The next of our swap books to be revealed is this soft leather journal made by Bev, of LaPaperie. The wrap-around leather cover is burgundy goatskin and the journal is bound using longstitch and chain stitch; sewn through the cover and visible on the spine in an X pattern. Bev has embellished her blank journal with an image and a quote by Emily Dickinson on the first page.

Visit to see more of her work.

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Ali said...

This is a beautiful book! This gorgeous book now lives with me on the other side of the globe - lucky me :)

Blue Valentine Press said...

Lucky you indeed! It's beautiful.

lapaperie&cozy said...

Thanks so much you guys. It was a joy to make!

So glad you like it, Ali! So cool it made it all the way to Oz. :)

Lady Artisan said...

Beautiful book! I really like your literary journals--they're lovely.