Tuesday, 22 April 2008

World Book Day Challenge Books

The Bookbinding Team presents the challenge books created for World Book Day, inspired by Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare!

You can find them on Etsy by searching for these tags:


I finally got around to my challenge book for the World Book Day; I made 3 Shakespeares, mini versions, that are brooches too. I used an old Much Ado About Nothing, and I'm happy with how they turned out. They're an 1 1/4" tall, and an inch wide. You can see them on my blog, bibliosophybooks.blogspot.com.


My World Book Day Journal is a little tongue in check - collaged with the pages from a 1950's cookbook and featuring a quote from Cervantes. Coptic Bound with cheerful green linen thread.


this shakespeare themed book is named "story of woe", modeled after romeo and juliet!
the cover was bound with a gorgeous green and gold florentine rossi print paper from italy and french roast brown bookcloth on the spine. gold leafed on one side is a gothic style "R" and on the other side flipped over is the letter "J". the leafing is slightly crumbled for a distressed look, and then sealed twice to protect it. the inside of the covers are lined with double-sided cardstock with terra cotta on one side and coral pink on the other, with the "R" side of the book showing the terra cotta face up and the "J" showing the coral pink. eye-catching blue and white cotton headbands peek out below and above the spine.


In celebration of World Book Day, this journal is inspired by William Shakespeare (who died April 23, 1616), and one of his most well known and loved sonnets - #116. The journal's first page features a portrait of Shakespeare himself along with an excerpt of his beloved sonnet. Covered with a deep antiqued cherry cowhide, the journal has a generous 400 pages (both sides) handtorn and lined with barely-there pale blue lines. The book measures approximately 5.5" x 4.25" x 1.5". La Paperie & Cozy will be offering 10% off all sales on World Book Day!


April 23rd is the anniversary of William Shakespeare's death and also World Book Day.

To celebrate Shakespeare, and springtime, and books (yay!), I made a little book called "Shakespeare's Flowers and Herbs." Shakespeare's poetry and plays are full of references to flowers and herbs, so I picked some of the best quotes, and added some pictures from an old English herbal.

4 1/2" x 5 3/4" (11.5 cm x 14.5 cm), 104 pages, hardcover, hand-sewn with a Coptic stitch. The outside covers are decorated with a handmade abaca paper, and I used a gorgeous Italian paper for the inside covers.

This book also contains a little puzzle. I identify which play or poem all of the quotes came from except one. The one I don't identify (it only says it is by Shakespeare) is a fun little challenge for the buyer to figure out which play or poem the quote came from. This is a nice book just to read, but there's also space to add your own favorite quotes, too. Happy Shakespeare and World Book Day!!


The Bookbinding Etsy Street Team is having a challenge to create a book for World Book Day (April 23). One of the things marked by this day is the anniversary of Shakespeare's death. So my book for this challenge is all about him. I intended to do somthing using a list of all the plays. So I visited Wikipedia, selected the completed list of plays and attempted to "print selection..." but I fumbled and just sent the entire document to the printer. So, unintentionally having 22 pages of Shakespeare content in front of me, I changed my direction and made this little black book of Shakespeare Wiki Content.

This is a small hardcover book, with black book cloth on the covers. A photoshoped image of Shakespeare peeks through the cloth on the front. I used the ream of accidentally-printed paper to create the pages for this book. I cut them up to make a book that is 4¼" x 4¼" (11cm x 11cm). So all the pages have text and images printed on one side. But that leaves just as many blank pages for you to write whatever you want in there!

There are about 100 pages if you count both sides of each sheet (so about 50 useable blank pages).

After completing the black book, I still had some of the paper left, so I also made the three little notebooks shown here. They will be included with the purchase of the black book. They each have about 50 sheets, also printed on one side. The covers are heavy white cardstock, and they are sewn with black linen thread. The covers are decorated with bits of text and images cut from some of the scrap page.


Created to celebrate World Book Day (April 23) in honor of Shakespeare's birthday! Vellum signature wraps printed with a map of Shakespeare's England make this the perfect companion for your travels thru southern England, whether you are following the life of the Bard or sampling the local pubs. With good text weight pages and a stay open binding, it's equally well suited to fill with sonnets, plays or just pain doggerel.


There are four other pics that follow this one to give a better view. I'm not such a dark and morbid person, REALLY! Somehow I always think more of tragedies when I think of Shakespeare. We can't really make Hamlet cheerful, can we? Anyway, I tea-stained and splattered about half the pages and included 15 or so pages from Hamlet gleaned from an old Shakespeare textbook. The end papers are pages out of another old


inspired by Cervantes.
fabric covers, unlined heavy white sketch paper for text blocks, custom hand made headbands done in period style with ultrasuede backing, pink probably-not-period (^_^) cardstock endpapers.


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i've got some of that green paper, flurrsprite, that stuff is awesome, isn't it?

great job everybody!

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i love it! i almost got the blue kind but i thought the green was even more gorgeous :) and it feels wonderful!

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That's a very handsome collection of books. Way to go team!

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Gorgeous books, all. Dang. I really need to get my act together and start participating in our team events. I suck.