Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Blog Interview: Lady Artisan

Name: Eva Buchala

Company/Etsy Site:



Location: Schertz, TX (near San Antonio)

How long has your Etsy shop been open? June 2007

How did you get into crafting? I’ve always done some kind of creative endeavors from drawing and pastels to piano and violin.

How did Etsy come into your life? A friend started selling items there and mentioned it to me. I had heard it before in passing on some different Yahoo groups I was on but it wasn’t a very regular topic so I didn’t really pay attention until my friend told me about it.

What was your involvement in the crafting world before stumbling upon Etsy? I’d had a partnership with two friends in New Orleans before moving out here—we did craft shows and had an online sales site. When I moved out here, I started a very low-key business, setting up a website but now doing much promoting. Now I’m focused mostly on books and art dolls and I do a little more promoting, mainly of my Etsy site.

Do you have a day job? No

Tell us about your shop: Does anyone help you? I pretty much do it myself.

What advice would you give to newbies on Etsy or in the crafting world? Patience and hard work. Patience because you probably won’t be an overnight success. Hard work because it won’t happen without a lot of time and effort, sweat and tears on your part. Don’t sell yourself short and always remember to pay yourself (even if you just reinvest in your business by buying materials and equipment). Be serious about your business and treat it like a real job—if you don’t look at it like “real” work, no one else will take you seriously. And be prepared to spend probably half of your time doing administrative and marketing work because it takes a lot of marketing to get your name out there.

What's the most challenging part of your crafting? Finding the time between kids, mom, hubby and house to actually get in and work.

Do you show your work locally? Occasionally I’ll do a local art show.

Famous last words? It was the terrifying space monkeys.

How did you get interested in bookmaking? I got into bookbinding a couple of years ago through polymer clay, believe it or not. I had a polymer clay project book that included instructions for making a very simple book, which I never made but it piqued my interest so I bought an instruction book at Michaels and did a piano hinge book with polymer clay covers. Then a friend in our local polymer clay guild made books and offered to teach me a single-needle Coptic binding (from Keith Smith’s book). I’ve been making books ever since.

What is your favorite stitch/technique? All of them I know and those I haven’t learned yet.

What is the one tool or supply that you couldn't live without? I need them ALL—desperately!

Materials you use for your books? polymer clay, paper, fabric, leather, book boards

What inspires you? history, books, other art, tv, movies, watching people, antiquing, wandering through an art supply store…what doesn’t?

Guilty pleasure? Fanfiction

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Rhonda said...

Great interview - thanks for sharing Eva!

Lady Artisan said...

Thanks for the interview! It was fun.

Glad you enjoyed it, Rhonda.