Friday, 24 October 2008

Vote for the BEST Zombie Award

Vote for the book that you think should win the BEST Zombie Award for 2008. The small photos shown below will link to larger photos and descriptions to help you decide. Then select your favorite and vote using the poll here on the right side of the page.

Here are the candidates:

Frankenstein's Monster
Sugar Skull
Black and Gold
Owl Photo Album
Skull and Bones
Candy Corn
Coffin in a Coffin
Screamin' Red
Trick or Treat

The members of the Bookbinding Etsy Street Team were invited to make themed books for the BEST Zombie Award, using any of the upcoming holidays as inspiration: Halloween, Day of the Dead, Thanksgiving, Bonfire Night, etc. The award will be given to whoever gets the most votes! So check out the books then vote for your favorite using the Poll located in the right sidebar. Everyone can vote, tell your friends to vote, spread the word! Voting will close on October 31st.

Thanks to everyone who accepted the Halloween Challenge! And thanks also to everyone who voted and left comments for us. Yay, Sugar Skull!


Red Fermata said...

the zombeh one is so clever. love the description. The gold and black one is gorgious. Probly the one I would get if I needed a Haloween book since I like things simple. But I voted for the coffin one, because it just left an impression on me. So funny, clever AND spooooooky. wouldn't that be a great one to have sitting out during October with notes from guests to your anual halloween parties? How cute!

tulibri said...

my vote goes to "coffin in a coffin"!

Kristin said...

This was a tough choice, all so good! Glad to see one's sold too. I'll confess, I picked Rhonda's ... I'm just a sucker for a box to put books in, and a coffin box is just awesome.

TJBookarts said...

All of the books are great but I'll cast my vote for the "Coffin Book".

Marjorie Dawson said...

Congratulations to everyone - this is an inspired theme that brought out the BEST in all of the bookbinders. I would LOVE to buy the coffin but the postage * cringes * to New Zealand!!!!

Love them all and how can you really pick a winner!?!?!?!

jill said...

love the coffin in a coffin book

Red Fermata said...

This post inspired me to make my own spooky book (which I haven't done yet) but take a look at my spooky book inspiration file on my blog

I love halloween!!!

Rhonda said...

Thank you to everyone who voted and left us comments!

I just used a random number generator to select a number (1-6) and it picked #1! So congratulations to redfermata, winner of a BEST shop discount!