Monday, 8 December 2008

Be there or...

as we approach the hinterland of the month, at least for those of us in the northern hemisphere, our SaleStravaganza carries on. (and here i said i wouldn't use that "word.") today we have something both sparkly and practical for your viewing/buying enjoyment.

no, it is not some strange bondage gear. we haven't descended quite that low here at the BEST blog. not yet. (^^;) what this is, is only half of today's righteous sale. this handbound journal is brought to us, and possibly to you specifically, by inabinddesign, perhaps the one among us closest to etsy. ... she hails from brooklyn. (^_^) she's also another one of us with actual training in this sort of thing, starting with the skills to fill the book (a writing degree from Pratt) (and a bout of Super Experience at Dieu Donné Papermill) and moving on the the actual construction of the book (coached by Robbin Ami Silverberg). she's also one of us who apparently can't leave well enough alone, and she's going back for a masters (in early childhood edumacation, but still, haven't you had enough school yet girl? (^_^) ). she's so insane that she's offering free books. well, one free book. if you like matched sets, and you like what you see above, you'll love her sale. buy one of these, get one of these. so head on over and let the shiny squares speak to you!

the Shop: inabinddesign
the Item(s): Metallic Squares Journal, Metallic Squares Address Book
the Sale: buy a Metallic Squares Journal, get a Metallic Squares Address Book

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