Saturday, 20 December 2008


because we here at BESTbooks believe that every day should be an education, we bring you today a whole new word.

Bibliopegy \ˌbi-blē-ˈä-pə-jē\ noun: the art of binding books

today's binder is a practitioner of what she calls Edgy Bibliopegy, and to prove her point, we shall here present one picture from her listing:

now, the giraffe print is, franky, edgy enough for most of us. but whitney? no no no, whitney feels the need also to sew a little caterpillar action in there. it's not good enough just to kill some people with bright papers, she's got also to blind us with amazing stitching skills. (^_^) you'll have to visit her shop for the other creepy things she does with pattern and stitchery, but for my part i'll just sum it up by saying, woah.

if you'd like to find out more about the edge behind the bibliopedge (is that even a word...?) you can sidle on over to her (ironically sedate-looking) blog @

the Shop:
the Item: Mystery Mini-Book
the Sale: $2 off (it is normally $15, so that's ~13% off)

p.s. the poster of this post (post-a-post) would like to apologize for its lateness. lesson learned: if you want to do something on a deadline, do not get a new HDTV mere hours before that deadline. (T_T) )

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