Thursday, 11 December 2008


i know that for some of you, the latter half of the year means warmer weather, and that christmas means shorts and t-shirts, but for those of us not in australia, december is bloody cold! (>_<) to "celebrate" that fact (says the girl who thinks 65 farenheit is the perfect temperature) we bring you today's item:

brought to you by the lovely and wonderful annahawthorne, this book has water- and stain- resistant and practically tear-proof! also, it has all kinds of different scrap papers inside, and we have already established that this is the kind of thing i like. it turns out i also like elastic closures, so this book's definitely a win-win for me. or rather, it will be a win-win for whoever buys it. and they'll be able to win with free domestic shipping. if you'd like to celebrate your own blustery temperatures, you can click the links below; if you'd like to learn a bit more about the lady who's celebrating all these blustery temperatures, you can visit her blog.

the Shop:
the Item: Ice Blue Companion Journal
the Sale: free domestic shipping on this book

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