Saturday, 13 December 2008

the future's so bright~

just about like this retro orange thing. (^_^)

madam jellygnite's whole shop is like that, too, retro, cheerful, super bright. another of our Aussie members, jellygnite gets her inspiration from all those weird bits of paper you see floating around, showing that the paper fetish is not just an american invention. (^_^) she also teaching high school art, spending her days passing on the love of paper and assorted goodies to the next generation, and speding her free time indulging in that love herself.

that superbright up there is the object of today's Mad Sale (a crazy mad 50% off!!!! as jelly herself puts it) and gets its luminous nature from the vintage 70s fabric used to cover it. it's 4 by 6 inches, too, a size that is close to my heart, and as the description says, "the perfect size to drop into your bag or back pocket for your doodles and sketches on the go!" so, if you'd like to be able to blind someone at a moment's notice, head on over and get the whole book at half the cost~ (^_^)

the Shop:
the Item: Retro Orange Sketch Book
the Sale: a crazy mad 50% off!!!!

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