Monday, 22 December 2008

hello, i'm satan

hello, i'm satan, and i'd like to talk to you about yatsu. also known as meredeth. or notuboc. i swear, this girl has so many aliases, i can't keep track of what i'm supposed to call her.

whatever her name is, this is the girl who's been doing all these crazy (omglookathowsexythisbookiswhyhasitnotsoldalready!?) posts you've (been trying not to) read this month. we've finally arrived at her sale day, and she's so preposterated (yes, that may not be a word) with christmas/listing/binding/wrapping/et-holiday-cetera that she couldn't make up her bloody mind what to write in this space.

so, naturally, she turned to me.

thanks, yatsu.

well, the contract reads, "must do as yatsu says." it doesn't mention anything at all about being actually helpful. so here's what i'll do. the details of the sale? are below. the anecdotal evidence for the awesomeness of these books? she spent the entire evening taking glamor shots of and generating listings for these books, and the shot she likes the best?


the Shop: (or
the Item(s): everything in the Non-Traditional section
the (slightly unbalanced) Sale: buy one get one free (see her shop announcement for provisos, limitations, and quid pro quos.)

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