Sunday, 14 December 2008

If This Seems a little Familiar... may be because you've seen the etsy front page recently. (^_^) our dearest Rhonda was recently a featured seller~ as you may or not be reading at this very moment (we're betting not) the store otherwise known as MyHandboundBooks hails from canada, in fact from that biggest of harbors otherwise known as Halifax, and as such, she gets to be in that fancy hang out of book binders everywhere (or rather book binders in canada), the Canadian Bookbinders and Books Artists Guild (a fancy site if you've got spare moment). she also turns out to be a member of the Pacific Centre for the Book Arts (also a fancy site, and with a considerably flashier header image).

As you might expect if you've read previous posts in this series (we're betting yes) Rhonda found herself addicted from the very beginning, and hasn't been able to stop since. to take a look at her shop, this has apparently culminated in a love of leathers, suedes, and super-intricate headband styles. to take a closer look at her shop, it seems to also have culminated in a love of pink, and i mean PINK pink, which brings us finally, in the round about way that i can't rightfully stay away from (^^;) to today's Glorious Sale. ms rhonda is having 30% off all of her PINK pink things through the end of the year. so if you know a girly girl, or perhaps a breast cancer survivor/sufferer/anything else, or maybe you're one of those rare freaks who actually dares to like the color pink, (^_^) head on over to today's Shop and sate your pink lust.

the Shop:
the Item(s): if it's pink it's on sale
the Sale: 30% off all pink things till the end of the year


Maiko said...

i like pink! ;)

meredeth said...

pink is EVIL~ (^_^)

Rhonda said...

pink is controversial :D