Friday, 12 December 2008

i'm sensing a theme here...

when i read kupo's profile, i had to laugh. here, i'll paste you a section:

I have a paper addiction and love spending my free time folding, stabbing, sewing, and gluing paper.

i'm wondering if there's anyone in our little group who is not in need of a 12 step paper program.

and another section:

I am aspiring to go to graduate school in book and paper conservation and get a masters in Library and Information Science along the way.

please, please tell me there's some kind of People Who Like Smarts Way Too Much scholarship. just go ahead and email me the info. we wouldn't want any of these other smarties around here to get to it first, now would we. (^_^)

kupo sounds like maybe she won't really need such things anyway. if all her books are as gorgeous as the one she's got for sale today (oh wait, i've seen them, they are) you'll just end up buying them all once you see them.

of course i highly encourage you to go check out the goods for yourself, but if your wallet is afraid for it's life, i'll give you the salient details here. super shiny ginko paper, black book cloth, gold ribbons, handmade paper. see previous statement concerning paper fetishes.

for more info on said fetishes, you can check the blog:, otherwise, get thee to a binding shop!

the Shop:
the Item: Opulent Gold Ginko Journal
the Sale: $10 off this book

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