Friday, 19 December 2008


today's seller is truly Luvly, starting with her name, and moving right along to the fancy/shiny book featured in today's Mad Sale, as we call it around these parts. LolaLuv, better known to her friends and fam as Leslie, and when she's not Engineering (her day job) she's off making fancy books such as the above. it's 9 by 6, so plenty big for your engineering thoughts, and even if you've got a bunch of thoughts, there's 222 pages (such a nice round number) so you could engineer all day long if you really felt the need (freak). the coolest part here? the endpapers are made from stuff she brought back with her from Thailand!

having thus fullfilled both today's Awesome and today's Lovely Seller quotients, we now conclude with the salient details:

the Shop:
the Item: Circles in Orange Sketchbook
the Sale: 25% off

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