Wednesday, 10 December 2008


in this case, there will be no cows. we apologize for misleading you. we shall make it up to you with pretties.

yes, we know it's gorgeous. the above referenced pretty is what we in the biz call a Garnet Flowers Journal... or at least that's what YellowCraftyChick calls it. her profile says she is just a girl with some paper, but the fact is that she is also a girl with some bookcloth, some thread, a needle, and apparently a pen, as that little darling shows up frequently in her listings. perhaps it's her totem? regardless, we shall now reveal the meaning of today's title!

MOO card holders!

well, those aren't on sale, but they are awesome. i think that should be our keyword for this month. awesome.

the (awesome) Shop:
the (awesome) Item: Garnet Flowers Journal
the (awesome) Sale: free (awesome) gift and free domestic shipping on the (awesome) garnet flowers journal

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