Thursday, 18 December 2008

Move that Needle~

no, this is not the latest dance craze (although if you'd like to dance, you are more than welcome to. this is the season, after all) this is in fact today's lucky member. movetheneedle, to be found in the great state of pennsylvania, is today's praticioner of the black-- uh, i mean, the book arts (yeah.) and her featured book is one that you can stand back and admire.

the papers are a fancy italian type (i'm sensing yet another theme here, fancy italian papers) and the interior goods are everybody's favorite bristol, perfect, as she duly notes, for a variety of media (ink, pencil, paints, probably even some writing, if you're inclined to sully the thing with mere words (^_^) ) and bound up tight in coptic style for your very much Art-ing enjoyment.

miss move (as we'll call her for short) also brings us to something we probably could have mentioned earlier, and that is this: etsy powers blogspot. if you go through and ask sellers if they have a blog, probably 90% of them will list a blogspot address. i think? google should give us some free advertising time. in the spirit of free advertising, we shall encourage you to do your part to help power blogspot by visiting movetheneedle's blog, to be found here: (trust me, i've just been reading it, and any blog that features this zebra shirt cannot be bad). also, if you're one of those crazy facebook people, you can find her there, too.

the Shop:
the Item: Blue Marbled Coptic Sketchbook
the Sale: 15% off this item

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Marjorie Dawson said...

This series of posts is proving to be a total delight, thank you. I am finding so many great book people through you - for which I am grateful.

My admiration for your artistry is total. Thank you again.