Sunday, 7 December 2008

an Olive post~

meredeth is a little jealous of today's post for two main reasons. a? she's always wanted to live in boston mass, and b? she's always wanted to try some serious Printing. this book combines them both is a calming little oceanic blue flavor that's perfect for the sea-faring among you.

it's quite long when you open it all the way up, too, 84 inches! not, i suppose, that you would really want to do such a thing, but if you did perhaps have an entire building you wanted to wrap this thing around, you could! (^_^)

she also seems to be obsessed with getting degrees, as she's got two and is apparently so addicted to education that she's signed up for more classes. so at least we know our bookbinders are an educated class. which might explain how we ended up with a book inspired by oliver wendell holmes.

so if blue, or nautilus shells, or even OWH gets your motor motivated, then head on over to olive's shop and enjoy her December Sale. (^_^)

the Shop:
the Item: the Chambered Nautilus
the Sale: $20 off the item above AND free shipping from the 7th-14th on all items

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