Monday, 15 December 2008


in the great Pirate V Ninja debate, i myself come down firmly on the pirate side (a fact that has caused me no end of trouble with my ninja sister) and today we learn that we have a pirate among even the most sedate of bookbinding groups. (^_^)

today we feature ARRRT!, otherwise known as Alexia, tells us she's been at this crazy bookbinding thing for four years, and we learned from her blog that she is super addicted to caffine, and if we judge from the number of blogs she owns, she also seems to be addicted to those.

if you're interested in knowing more about the addictions, you can head on over to one of her many blogs, wait come back and/or i make arrrt or you could add to your own addiction (or addiction-to-be) on twitter @emberlexi.

the Shop:
the Item(s): in this case you can check out her whole happy store~
the Sale: free shipping today only (so get on over there!)

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