Wednesday, 17 December 2008

A Rose by Any Other Name

today's Lovely Seller (that's right baby, that's our new phrase) has coined a phrase that i really wish i had thought of first. i'm not sure if it's something about people from pennsylvania (sounds like... transylvania) but the phrase "my primary modality is paper" makes me smile inappropriately. when i discovered she has a site called, i was super excited for some additional weirdness, until i discovered that it's full title is The Reluctant Vegetarian. then i saw the phrase "hubster" and everything was okay again. (^_^)

if you're into odd things, you should be pleasantly surprised by her journals, especially the control freak variety that comprise today's sale.

you get to choose the details ("ideal for control freaks and type A's") and there's plenty of post consumer/recycled goods to go around. just be sure you let her know what details you'd like. i think i'd not want subu hunting me down. although, if you'd like to know what you'd be up against in that situation, you can check out her other online homes, and the aforementioned

the Shop:
the Item: Control Freak Recycled Notebook x2
the Sale: free shipping


subu said...

haha! thanks for the fun feature. :-)

Marjorie Dawson said...

This did make me smile and the books are cool too!