Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Stitch in December

continuing our theme of canadian members (or canadia as those sillier among us call it), today we feature on our Sale-a-thon PrairiePeasant.

now, i went looking through the winnipeg wikipedia article to find something to make jokes out of, but it turns out that winnipeg is actually home to some pretty awesome stuff.

i mean, besides prairie peasant.

for starters, it's the home of the Monnaie royale canadienne, or the Royal Canadian mint for the rest of us, which, besides being a really cool looking building, is open from 9 to 5 on weekdays, and also on weekends in the summer.

the other cool thing i found out is that Winnie the Pooh is named after winnipeg. i'll let you read the story for yourself.

i was looking for something cool for a sewing tie in, what with that awesome cover and all, but i didn't find one. there is the canadian museum for human rights (or at least there will be soon) (also, that artist's rendering is possibly the ugliest building i've ever seen.) (and that includes the Ohio State University Architecture building, which I helped select the design of.) and there is the manitoba electrical museum, and the royal winnipeg ballet (if you're into that sort of thing), but i found no cool sewing museums, or fabric museums, or even any black/white/red museums.

the upshot of which is, if you want to see something cool in winnipeg, you'll have to stretch on over to PrairiePeasant's shop, where you will find things 20% off for the next four days (i especially like her two-section notebooks. may have to make some of those for myself (^_^) ).

the Shop:
the Item: well, everything, but the one above is A Stitch in Time
the Sale: 20% off for the next four days (4 - 8)

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Thanks Meredeth! I love your description of Winnipeg! My shop link is