Saturday, 6 December 2008

A Useful Post

late? me? never! ... okay, so maybe this once. we'll use my lack of awesome, though, as a spring board to discuss UsefulBook's awesome! we'll start with the thing i find most awesome, the paper used in the above journal, namely all-cotton 120 gsm velata, which from the cartier magnani mill in italy. sexy, sexy paper. the other thing that's awesome about this particular book is that it is the color of the car i hope one day to own, namely a smart car from the dealership up the road a little bit. (^_^)

all of these so-called Reinvented Journals are once silly-ly titled deals such as the one above, which have now been reborn into a better life. (the buddhist theory of book-incarnation, i believe.) like probably every single person on this street team, miss useful, as i will henceforth call her whenever we meet, is a lover of books, and if you feel as giddy as the rest of do at the sight of blank pages, then get yourself over to her shop and relieve your craving. (^_^)

the Shop:
the Item: all her Reinvented Journals
the Sale: Free domestic shipping and $3 off all reinvented journals

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