Tuesday, 9 December 2008

what adjective IS there for flurrsprite...?

well, we really don't know, but i'll try and think of something while you read all about miss flurrsprite's awesomeness.

first things first, we'd all like to announce that the next time flurrsprite finds herself on the way to hawai'i, we are all compact, and we fold up for easy fitting in luggages. (^_^)

so with that out of the way, we can move on to the items. we'll start with omnomnom.

a) everybody needs christmas cookies (as evidenced by the lady who baked cookies for my college class last week)
b) isn't that the cutest little sparkly ribbon bookmark!?
c) it has different kinds of paper in it. i <3 books like that.

the other item is just as cute, and has an even cuter story to go with it.

i'll let you go ahead and read the story, but i will say that you'd better go on and pick up some of these cards if'n ye be wantin' 'em, because i think they are uber cute, and i may just beat you to the punch. i can just picture a cute little flurrsprite in her pjs, can't you? ... no? you don't know what she looks like? well, where have you been? here's her adorable Buy Handmade PSA for the Storque~ now can you see those pjs? (^_^)

the Shop: http://flurrsprite.etsy.com
the Item(s): Christmas Cookies journal, Have a very good! cards
the Sale: the "christmas cookies handbound book" will be on sale for 30% off, and one "have a very good!" holiday card (your choice of color) will be included for free!


Maiko said...

hahah thanks meredeth! i'll be off to hawaii in a couple weeks ;)

Rhonda said...

love those cards!!
and that's a great handmade confessional there in the storque :D