Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Where oh Where

has today's victim gone?

well, her profile says providence, and we know that rhode island isn't that big, so maybe by the time we're done with this post, we'll be able to nail her down. in the meanwhile, here's the things we do know about today's victim:

-- her books are quite the travelers, as seen on this map (of which i have decided i must have one due to its maximally awesome nature)
-- is a leo (in case you meet her in a bar or something i guess)
-- she likes to travel as much as her journals do (as all cool people do)
-- she owns one of those super fancy and much sought after gocco printer (oh man, uber jealousy!)

... okay, well, we've reached the end of today's post, and we still haven't located our wayward bookbinder, so i suppose -- oh? wait! is that?? ... oh. no. it's just her sale, passing us by on the awesomeness highway. (>_<) i suppose we'll have to settle for leaving you with a patented Awesome Shot.
the Shop:
the Sale: free shipping on this item, today only, and a free surprise greeting card
the Item: Roadtrip Journal


jess said...

Yay RI!!! Maybe she's going to the Rag & Bone open house..

Marjorie Dawson said...

This looks lovely OK off to take a look at her store!!!

Kristin said...

I wish I could say that I was posting this from some tropical island or exotic city, but unfortunately, I'm posting from my apartment in Providence, which is in complete bookbinding disarray.

Thanks for the great post, and since that journal hasn't sold yet, I'll continue its free shipping, free card sale through Christmas. Just mention that you read this blog post in the notes to seller.