Wednesday, 1 April 2009

2009 Edible Book Festival - Event Details

BEST is hosting a virtual Edible Book Festival. Photos of your work can be uploaded to our Flickr group and you can come by for an informal virtual chat in the evening.

What is the Edible Book Festival?
This is an event that has been happening annually on April 1st for several years. People make edible objects that are somehow "bookish" and then get together and share their projects. There are groups all around the world who participate in this event. It isn't really about bookbinding; it is more about celebrating literature and creativity. The festival was started in 2000, by Judith Hoffberg. You can read about the history and about Judith, on the website:

If there is no local event in your area, now you have an opportunity to participate online! You do not need to be a team member to participate in our event. All you have to do, is upload photos of your edible book creations to our Flickr group! Multiple entries are welcome.

A small panel of judges will be awarding special recognition in each of these categories:
1. BEST overall
2. BEST edible bookbinding technique
3. BEST entry from a child (age 10 yrs or less)

The guideline given is that "all edible books must be 'bookish' through the integration of text, literary inspiration or, quite simply, the form." So the results are wide-ranging. Sometimes the results looks like books, but mostly they do not. You can find a lot of pictures online. The website has galleries of photos from every year of the festival.


What's Eating Gilbert Grape?
A Million Little Reeses
Rosenkrantz and Guildenstern are Bread
Curious George
Like Water for Chocolate
The Unbearable Lightness of Bean

Photo Galleries

The official Books2Eat website
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Seattle Edible Book Festival

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Janet said...

Hey thanks for linking to the Seattle Edible Book Festival! We're very excited about the festival this year! It is, of course, dedicated to the incredible life and work of Judith Hoffberg.
Thanks again -
Janet Fryberger
Producer, Seattle Edible Book Festival