Monday, 6 April 2009

What to do with all these blank books . . .

Yesterday was gorgeous here in Rhode Island, so it seemed the perfect day to take a hike. Of course, for me that meant bringing along a journal. I have one that I use just for local activities like this. I didn't want to bring too much with me, so I put a few essentials into a zip lock bag to bring along. Supply basics for me involved:

1. Gorgeous blank book (preferably handmade, of course!)
2. Caran d'Ache, these are water soluble crayons. You can pick these up in any art supply store.
3. One water soluble pen.
4. One water resistent pen. I use the Micron ones, available at art supply stores in many sizes and colors.
5. Pencil
6. Most important of all, a paintbrush that is hollow and filled with water. No little tub of water needed that I have to fill and balance on something. This you just squeeze, get some water and use to push around the water soluble crayons or pen. They sell these at most craft stores.
(7. Lastly, my inhaler and lipgloss. Not necessary, but just in case!)

I started out by writing about our hike, being sure to include some boring details about date, time, weather. I described the walk we just did and also noted what sounds I was hearing from where I was sitting.

Then, inspired by last week's post showing Sara Midda's little pattern studies, I decided to do my own little pattern study looking at the tons of shells and rocks around me. I did three little studies using mostly just my water soluble pen, then using the watercolor brush a bit. The second one I did use the crayon a little and then the brush to get a quick, grey background. I usually try not to gather things to take home with me, I'd rather leave the shells and rocks behind, but I do often take a photo before I leave.

This is where I was sitting, facing the ocean. After this long, snowy winter, it was so refreshing to be at the beach again. For those of you in Rhode Island, I highly recommend the book Weekend Walks in Rhode Island. It's got 40 great hikes, with a lot of details about best time of year to go, where to park, what to expect. It's a great reference.


lori vliegen said...

what a beautiful looks like you had a great time walking and exploring! thanks for sharing your journal tips with us. i'm really enjoying this series! :)

jess said...

Ah, make me homesick! Thanks!

Banner Printing said...

Great idea!
The output was awesome!
you are really creative...=)