Friday, 1 May 2009

Blog Interview: Notubok

meredeth (or yatsu)

Company/Etsy Site:
(pronounce NOGHT-uu-bahk)


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the land of feeding off of others. ... otherwise known as columbus ohio.

How long has your Etsy shop been open?
two... and half years... zomg really???

How did you get into crafting?
we've always been crafty at my house. my mother's a seamstress, my dad writes fiction and music, my sister is a jeweler, and my brother is a sketch artist. i've always been creative; when i was little, i cut off my hair to make texture for a picture i was drawing. because why bother with the yellow crayon when you have blonde hair ready made? (^_^)

How did Etsy come into your life?
my sister ( actually recommended it to me. i have no earthly clue how she found it, but she was instant-addicted, as was i, not too long after.

What was your involvement in the crafting world before stumbling upon Etsy?
not that much. i made things for friends, but nothing on the Big Internet Community of Craftiness.

Do you have a day job?
sadly, yes. i take calls from doctor's offices and hospitals and patients and TPAs about whether your medical procedure is "medically necessary."

Tell us about your shop:
Does anyone help you? nope, it's just little ol' me here. i have yobo to bounce ideas off of, and my clone-- uh, i mean, my other sister (dana-chan, aged 13 going on 32) to help me out occasionally, but it's just me for the most part. i make the books, i ships `em, and i answers all the emails. (^_^)

What advice would you give to newbies on Etsy or in the crafting world?
STAY ORGANIZED! wow, i cannot emphasize this enough. i am really desperate to get myself organized, but every time i start, I look at all the work it would take just to set up, and i think, jeez why didn't i do this right from the beginning. spreadsheets, inventory lists, all that good gravy, get it from the start. you'll thank yourself later!

What's the most challenging part of your crafting?
well, in light of my last answer, i might say organization, but i think the two things i'm actually super bad at are a) consistent listing (super important if you want to stay noticed on the etsy site) and b) advertising. I actually do zero advertising of any kind. eventually, every conversation i have ends up being about books (coz i'm NERdy like that) but it's pretty much just word of mouth that keeps my shop going. i feel like i could be uber successful, if only i could get up off my butt and advertise for once in my life. (^^;)

Do you show your work locally?
i did in 2007, but frankly most of the shows around here are geared for a completely other demographic, so i haven't been back.

Famous last words?
i haven't got any... maybe i should make some up?

How did you get interested in bookmaking?
i'm a writer at heart, and i was buying so many of those blank books from the bookstore, that I just decided, what the heck am i doing? shouldn't i be making my own? well yes, yes i should have. so i did. (^_^)

How long have you been crafting?
Bookmaking? bookbinding only about four years, but crafting for much much longer. we'll pretty much try anything at my house. cross stitch, soldering, even building computers is not too daring for us. (^_^)

What is your favorite stitch/technique?
well i end up doing a lot of longstitch things, but i like making hardcover books. i like spines. (^_^)

What is the one tool or supply that you couldn't live without?
my bonefolder! seriously, i've had that thing for four or five years, and i loff it. it's actual bone, none of this plastic crap you whippersnappers have these days. (^^;) i also have one made from water buffalo horn.

Materials you use for your books?
paper. paper, paper and more paper. oh wait, also paper. (^_^) i use a lot of paper, for both the insides and the outsides of my books. occassionally, i'll bust out with some leather or some vinyl or something for my covers, but i find that paper works best. i think the people at my local scrapbooking store know me on sight now... (^^;)

What inspires you?
firstly, i'm fascinated by paper. also, with paper. i love the scratching sound pens make on it, i love how sturdy it is (even in its weakest forms), i love the way a blank page looks, actually i love the way a filled page looks, too... i really love everything about paper. this led naturally to a love of books. i love the way both functional AND artistic, i love the way the paper in new books is so crisp and clean, i love the way the paper in old books is all crinkly and fragile, what i do love is a well-constructed endpaper. if you think about it, the endpaper is the only thing holding that bookblock in on some of those books, and yet, the book only falls apart after SEVERE use. i mean, wow. that's some serious construction efficiency. i'd like books to be as common as ipods. i'd like people to think of them as a commodity, something to be used every day, something to be kept on you at all times, so that you can write down your good thoughts, your lists, your whatevers. books should be carried around right next to phones and mp3 players. they don't require charging, they're always accessible, and they don't require data backups. viva the analogue revolution!

Who is your crafting hero?
... i don't really have one.

Guilty pleasure?
... i don't really believe in "guilty" pleasures. I think as long as it's not destructive, any pleasure is just as valid as any other.


Rhonda said...

that was fun to read, thanks meredeth :)

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Great interview!

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I love your suggestion that "books should be carried around right next to phones and mp3 players."

Great interview!