Saturday, 2 May 2009

An Abecedarian of BEST members: J

Introducing the “J” group of BEST. This juxtapositional post will introduce the group of 7 juicy “J” shops for you to judge joyfully.

Janette of janettemaher restores and repairs antique books and creates new journals for writers. Her Birding Indigo Blue Nature Journal is just perfect for bird and nature lovers:

Ali of jellygnite enjoys collecting and salvaging abandoned, old materials and transforming them, giving them a new and different life. Take a jaunt to her shop and check out Gregor on this Sauve 70’s Mini Notebook:

Jennifer of jengs shop describes her shop as a small paper goods design studio based in New York with a focus on simple + fun creations. She has a constant need for a prettier notebook, but I don’t think you could find one prettier than this Green Washed Lilies blank notebook:

Jenny at jennysbooks has an interesting and informative page on her website describing her bookmaking process. This Blue on Blue Leaves coptic journal is a lovely example of her handprinted papers which she uses for her covers:

Julie of julieboyles has combined her painting and bookbinding skills in this Linen Fabric Journal with Handpainted Feature:

Yvonne of juniperjournals has lovely fabric covers for her journals. I love the mix of the silver stars with the Hawaiian print on this Hawaii Denim Fabric Stars Journal:

Jason of jwaggone has a series called E1 journals. The E stands for environment-easy, economical, using paper that is not only 100% recycled but also: processed chlorine free, "made carbon neutral", and both FSC and Green Seal Certified.


CinderLisa said...

Some lovely selections!

Jenny Gunter said...

Thank you for adding a link to my website! Awesome!