Monday, 11 May 2009

Journal Keeping: Sometimes it's OK to share.

Last May I went to Montreal with 5 other close friends, and of course, brought a journal. I was the only one who brought one, but was excited to see that other people enjoyed writing in it too. I'm not always good at sharing, but in this case I was happy to.

On the final night, as we were all enjoying a final bottle of wine together (after a ridiculously delicious dinner here), we ended up passing the journal around the table, all answering the same question posed to us about the trip. Not only were the questions a great way to think back over the trip and try to capture a special detail, but now I enjoy reading back over my traveling companion's answers and seeing what had stood out for them.

The questions we answered:
What will I remember about Montreal?
If Montreal were a sound, what would be it?
If Montreal were a color?
You're leaving Montreal in 15 minutes, what would you rush to do again?

Some other great ones would be:
What flavor do you remember most?
What does this place smell like?
What is the pace?
What strikes you most about the people?
What did you see that you would never see at home?

It was fun (and not as dorky as I'm fearing it might sound) and would also be fun to do alone to prompt your memory and pull out some of those details.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Montreal. I grew up there :)

CinderLisa said...

I love the idea of having several people on a trip write a note in a journal... almost like a yearbook, but something more specific... definitely a great memory maker!

Kristin said...

What's funny is, just the other night we had a dinner party with all 6 on that trip and someone said "Do you have that journal?" We had some good laughs reading through those parts.