Wednesday, 3 June 2009

An Abecedarian of BEST members: K

Introducing the “K” group of BEST. Have a keek at these 8 unique shops, which seemed like a kazillion as I wrote this post!

Kandice of KandiceInWonderland combines antique objects, poetry, quotes and vintage images in her little Dates to Remember books. Here is her Periwinkle the Peacock Dates to Remember Book:

KarleighJae has a beautiful variety of books in her shop. This Rustic Antiqued Long Stitch Journal is one of her Leather Longstitch Journals:

Since Kathrin’s shop is listed here as kasaa, I‘m including her in the “K‘s“, but she has moved her shop to paperama. Among other items, she makes delightful accordion file folders. Here is the vintage wallpaper lovers file folder:

Kjersten of kjerstenhayes uses her own gorgeous handmade paper in her books. Her Scissors and Pencil Journal includes an original collage on the cover and a colourful mix of papers inside:

Renate of Kreativlink makes lovely hand painted fabric and leather covers for her journals and stains her papers with acrylics or tea. Here is her Swirl Tree, Leather Journal, Suede:

Kristin of kristincrane has an affinity for using maps in her bookworks. I love the map highlighting the train tracks to the harbour of this Hoboken and Jersey City Journal

Kiley of KupoKiley has a paper addiction and loves to spend her free time folding, stabbing, sewing, and gluing paper. In addition to that, I think she likes working with a magnifying glass:
Recycled Materials Blue Florentine Paper Mini Book Earrings:

From Italy, kurberry finds sheer joy in combining papers and colors and shapes. Her Blue Quilt journal features a chunky, hand-made, split-cover and individually printed signature covers:


Kiley said...

I didn't realize that K was up! Yay!

CinderLisa said...

That is quite a few K's. Very nice post, it's great seeing the sampling of everybody!

Kjersten said...

Yay! you picked my favorite book of mine that's in my shop now. Thanks for this series. I love it!

lori vliegen said...

great post, laura! and fab-u-lous books everyone!! :)

Kristin said...

Great collection of K's!

lapaperie said...

Beautiful work!