Friday, 12 June 2009

Book Swap #7 - AlternativeJournals

The next swap book to be featured is from Celine, of She says that "the first thing that comes to mind when I look at this book is 'two-stick' popsicles, the ones you can break apart and share with a friend." The floral fabric on the cover is a vintage Japanese reproduction print, paired with purple bookcloth to make this pretty casebound book that is so reminiscent of grape and orange summer treats!

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Rhonda said...

I love the colours and the fabrics on this book! And this is the book I got from the swap, so it's mine now :D


buechertiger said...

Nice book! - The whole of the book, the combination of colors and materials, and format looks well composed!

Anonymous said...

hooray! I hope you enjoy it Rhonda. I guess I know what I'm getting now :)

Rhonda said...

It is lovely, Celine!
Oh, but you don't necessarily know what you're getting... the books are not swapped so directly person-to-person, they are all mixed up :)

Anonymous said...

oh okay.
by the way, what is the definition of a casebound book? Am I wrong in calling it a perfect bound book? :/

Rhonda said...

This book is certainly not perfect bound. A perfect binding is not sewn. A perfect binding is when you have a stack of loose single sheets and you paste it along the spine so the paste is the only thing holding the pages together - like a supermarket paperback.

Case bound is a unspecific term, really. It refers to any hardcover book where the textblock and the cover are created separately, then stuck together as the final step. That's my definition anyway. Now I'd better go look it up :D

Rhonda said...

Here's a definition from Hollandars bookbinding glossary:

Case Binding: The cover of a book that consists of two boards, an inlay for the spine, and covering material. The case is usually made separately from the text block and later attached to the text block.