Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Book Swap #7 - Jellygnite

Ali, known on Etsy as Jellygnite, sent this super neat book for our swap. It is an accordion structure with pockets, containing three stab-bound notebooks. The pages in the notebooks are cartridge paper and ephemera. The accordion structure wraps neatly around and is secured with black linen thread and a button.

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PrairiePeasant said...

Ali has such creative and clever ideas!

buechertiger said...

These books reached me today and they are so beautiful! The photos really don't do them justice.

They came in a charming paper bag also made from a book page. The accordion is a glossy ivory color and the painted pieces of paper on the booklets have a very vibrant color. And I love the snippets of fish, maps, insects, text and whatnot visible on the backsides of the inside pages.
The books are smaller than I would have thought, about 2.5" x 3".

The whole objects is really adorable. I hope you can see my enthusiasm for it shine through my poor English.

Thank you very much, Ali!

I don't know how and whether I will use it, for now I will add it to my collection of "beautiful books".

catharticslant said...

So beautiful and creative, love it!

bookyeti said...

That is beautiful and very clever!

buechertiger said...

I blogged about it today.

Ali said...

thanks for your kind words :)
it was really a fun, precious little book to make!

Kristin said...

OOooooooo ... so nice.