Sunday, 14 June 2009

Book Swap #7 - PrairiePeasant

Laura, also known as PrairiePeasant, sent a blank journal made using a crossed structure binding for this swap. The cover is gorgeous Saint-Armand handmade paper and the pages inside are Strathmore petal-inclusion papers. The book is sewn with yellow 20lb hemp twine.

You can visit to see more of Laura's work.

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Jacaranda Designs said...

Really lovely - I like how she's done the spine of the cover!

Anonymous said...

I 'love' Saint-Armand paper. I will have to find some one day.

buecheriger said...

Another beautiful book! The structure looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

I received this one from the swap :) Very sweet. I'm really digging the stratmore 'petal inclusion' paper- wow!