Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Book Swap #7 - PurpleBeanBindery

From PurpleBeanBindery, Anna has sent this pretty teal journal for the swap. The cover is made in layers, creating a nice mix of texture, colour, and shape. This book is sewn with a buttonhole binding and the pages are a heavy-weight drawing paper.

Visit PurpleBeanBindery.Etsy.com to see more of Anna's books.

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PrairiePeasant said...

What a gorgeous book! The buttonhole binding is at the top of my "learn to make next" list!

buechertiger said...

Really a beautiful book! I like the richness of the textures and papers and especially the colors :-)
And I like that the format is just slightly off the usual.

Ali said...

Yes, this is really a beautiful book - so beautifully made. It arrived this week and I love it - thank you!