Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Flag Book Tutorials

The next team book swap will be all Flag Books! I have tracked down several resources for anyone who needs instructions. As you can see from these links, the scrapbooking people seem to have adopted this structure to make photo albums and such, but much before that phenomenon, the flag book has been used a lot for artist's books and there are some truly incredible examples out there and I have included some links below. The basic structure is not difficult, but it can be a very impressive structure when combined with images, colours, shapes, varying page sizes, etc.

Any team members who are interested in participating in this book swap can find all the swap guidelines here on our blog. Have fun making flag books!


Creating Handmade Books by Alisa Golden (p.79)

Bookcraft by Heather Weston (p.58)

Bookworks by Sue Doggett (p.76)

Tabellae Ansata vol 1 no 2 Spring 1999 (p.13)


Squidoo: How to make a Flag Book

Basic Flag Book Instructions

Gate Fold Flag Book

Flip Flop Flag Book

Make a Flag Book Tutorial


The Bonefolder vol 2 no 1 Fall 2005 (P. 12)

Flag Book Instructions by Kathy Miller and Diane Weintraub

Art, Books, & Creativity Flag Book instructions


Flag Book Part 1

Flag Book Part 2

Flag Books examples to inspire you


An iconic flag book

Fate, Being, and Necessity by Bea Nettles

"Flag Book" Flickr Search


PrairiePeasant said...

This sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for all those links Rhonda!

Jimmie said...

Just want to thank you for linking to my Flag Book Tutorial page. It's such a fun book!