Friday, 31 July 2009

Blog Interview: Anticovalore

Simona Inserra

Company/Etsy Site:

I’ve a website not updated; I’ve to work for it (


Catania, Italy

How long has your Etsy shop been open?
I started in April 2009

How did you get into crafting?
When i was younger I spend most of my time reading and knitting or making nice works with fabric, thread, jute, wood, mosaic and so on. My mother and my two grandmothers (I’ve spent much time with this wonderful woman) also learn me much things to do and various techniques.I was encouraged to spend my leisure time in useful ways.

How did Etsy come into your life?
By chance, walking on the web.

What was your involvement in the crafting world before stumbling upon Etsy?
Just a little involved; I make books and notebooks as gift for friends and relatives. Sometimes I was involved in Bookbinding courses as teacher.

Do you have a day job?
Yes, i’m Librarianship teacher and also I’m involved in book conservation. I work in my own Book Conservation Studio.

Tell us about your shop:Does anyone help you?
Sometimes my daughter; but usually nobody help me.

What advice would you give to newbies on Etsy or in the crafting world?
Be happy and brave!

What's the most challenging part of your crafting?
I love everything!

Do you show your work locally?
Yes to my friends and in an handmade market.

Famous last words?
I’m coming soon …

How did you get interested in bookmaking?
When I was little … with my passion for books!

How long have you been crafting? Bookmaking?
From 10 years

What is your favorite stitch/technique?
Vellum limp binding, using other and innovative materials, not only parchment

What is the one tool or supply that you couldn't live without?
Bonefolder, obviously!

Materials you use for your books?
recycled paper, vintage fabric and paper, natural materials, jute, hemp, organic cotton, garbage!

What inspires you?
Old bindings!

Who is your crafting hero?
Chris Clarkson, a fantastic conservator, not only a bookbinder!

Guilty pleasure?
No …


Antico Valore said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Simona and I recently did a trade. Her books are lovely.

Anna said...

What a nice personality you have.I like you passion.Small changes can make a world of difference and we can all do our bit to help change things for the better - usually without much effort.