Sunday, 12 July 2009

An Abecedarian of BEST members: M

Introducing the “M” group of BEST.

Mary Jane of MaryJaneHenley is meticulous in her book work which focuses on historical book bindings using materials indigenous to her Sonoran Desert home in Southern Arizona. A marvellous example of this is her Mesquite and Rattlesnake Book:

EB of matchboxbook balances life as an artist and a truck driver. Here is a miniature matchbox book from his shop:

Ruth of Meowstro is moving her shop to RuthBleakley where she continues to have amazing miniatures, including this Little Golden Miniature Book:

Debb of moon23 has found a way to combine her love for metals with books, and here is a fine example in her Crow Themed Copper Journal:

Barbara of moonbindery specializes in handmade medieval-style leather journals like this Black and Yellow leather journal with its medieval replica binding:

Katie of moonlightbindery notes in her shop announcement “I can make a book out of anything“, and this LEGO Book testifies to this truth:

Anna of movetheneedle loves everything artistic and focuses on collage in this Music Principles Journal:

Alice of myartistsbooks describes herself as an artist who weaves tales by combining both words and images, as in this miniature mixed media accordion fold book, A Typical Day:

While Rhonda of MyHandboundBooks is perhaps best known for her historic book structures from the Medieval and Renaissance eras, she also makes more modern manuscripts such as this Steampunk Leather Journal with marbled endpapers.


Rhonda said...

wow, great M collection!

Useful Books said...

"M" is a most marvelous majuscule. Very nice!

Sara said...

Magnificently talented folks, way to go "M"s!

Anonymous said...

This is a such a nice collection. I'm mighty marveled!