Sunday, 9 August 2009

An Abecedarian of BEST members: N/O

Introducing the “N” & “O” members of BEST:

Natalie of NatalieAsIs notes she pursues pointed anachronism in figurative and fibre arts. Here is her Dove Gray Sketchbook with Woven Bands:

Josh of Neilsenhandmade juxtaposes the colours and text of old book cloth to produce beautiful and unusual collages and bring new life to lovely and once loved old books, as demonstrated with his Out of Balance journal:

Amy of NightjarBooks makes fine linen journals with vellum appliqué such as this linen and twig handbound journal:

With NinaJudinBooks, materials and technique are skilfully brought together, resulting in a strong statement of a book, pleasing both the eye and the hand. Here is her Reindeer leather journal with turquoise:

OliveArt loves all types of art- from painting and printmaking to bookbinding, photography and ceramics. She is able to combined some of these loves in her bookmaking, as in this Colosseum Cyanotype Book:

OrtBindery creates traditionally made books, like this nifty blank book - tiny 3 piece binding:

Katherine of owleyedesigns believes in clean lines and simplicity when designing her products, as with this Retro Meadow Journal:


Natasha said...

I am brand new to the land of making journals but I love it and all of these folks are a true inspiration! Thank you so much for this post :)

CinderLisa said...

Beautiful books! I love seeing these spotlights, thanks for a great post!

Carol said...

Wonderful to see these beautiful and often very unusual books.