Sunday, 23 August 2009

An Abecedarian of BEST members: P

Presently we will peruse the planet to pick the “P” group of BEST:

PalePink from Denmark has positively perfect upcycled bike inner tube notebooks and journals such as this (pink, of course!) one:

Elzeline is the part of the sister pair Paperfection, also from Europe, who is pleased to make unique books by painting, embroidering, or appliquéing the covers. Here is her set, I Love Holland Minibooks:

Paper Lion from Australia has always preferred hand making things, but since placing herself on a path in bookbinding, making albums and notebooks has taken over her life. Peter Pan handbound notebook:

Paper Moon Bookbinding from the US has a passion to place precious, practical books into everyday life. Wouldn’t you like to incorporate this Red Bird and Postmarks Journal
into your life?

Papersandtschai from the Phillipines, notes her soul sings for papers! Can you feel the music with this precision mini leather photo book?

Parkside Harmony from the US loves the imperfections of handmade goods but you’d never know it from her work: don’t you love the poppy paisley printed paper on this Paisley Peacock Blank Book?

PrairiePeasant (oh, that’s me!) from Canada has a passion for reusing and upcycling, as noted in her rebound series: Inside Europe Rebound Journal:

Purplebean Bindery from Portland in the US, progressed out of a book binding frenzy, and we’re pleased she hasn’t paused. PEAS IN THE GARDEN blank journal:


palepink said...

So many beautiful and very special "P" books. Thank you.

Rhonda Miller said...

oh, suPer imPressive grouP of Ps!

Katy said...

Good work Ps!

Paperfection said...

Oh, thanks!! Nice to be here among those other 'P's!