Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Making Recycled Paper at Home

Etsy Handmade PaperMaking recycled handmade paper is easy to do at home. I've collected a list of resources here to help you get started. These particular resources are meant for beginners and they focus primarily on using old paper scraps to make new sheets of recycled paper. The various tutorials and guides listed here are all a little different since there are different ways to do this. Just pick one that makes sense and try it!


How to Make Paper - An Illustrated Step-by-Step Guide

Making Handmade Paper in 10 Easy Steps

How to Make Paper

How to Make Paper at Home

Making and Recycling Paper at Home by G. Carboni


How to Make Paper

How to Recycle Paper

Paper Alice make your own homemade paper


Arnold Grummer's Complete Guide to Easy Papermaking

Paper Making and Bookbinding: Coastal Inspirations by Joanne B. Karr

The Complete Book of Papermaking by Josep Asuncion


Arnold Grummers Papermill Pro Papermaking Kit with Video

Paper Making Kit


Monica Holtsclaw said...

This is a great list of resources, thank you! I've had recycled paper on the brain since reading your post on your personal blog yesterday. Time to break out the blender!

Antico Valore said...

Excellent post! Thank you!

Rhonda said...

Oh, if you try this you have to show us pictures :)

Paperfection said...

Thanks for posting this!

Baghy said...

Great article! In fact, this summer I've been experimenting a lot with handmade paper - with leaves and petals included. It's so fun! It's quite messy until you get the hang of it and one should have plenty of space. I now bought and gathered a lot of things for this new hobby and I am eager to have some time to play with them. The paper I made was actually pretty nice, though i still need some practicing :) I may post some pictures of the making process.
Well... good luck everyone!

Michelle Custodio said...

This is a very educational article. We all know what's happening in the world today and we need to recycle paper in order to help our mother earth. This is a very little deed but this will help a lot.